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The world is 70% covered with water, but only 0.007% is drinking water to feed 6.8 billion people. Have you heard of blue gold?

This refers to the investment in water. Water is not substitutable and therefore increasingly valuable.

But how does it all work? The fact is that more people are currently dying from the consequences of polluted water, not from water scarcity. If clean drinking water were not supplied in some countries, these people would not have access to clean sources at all. What could a plant in this exciting area look like?

Take your opportunity, immerse yourself in the exciting world of blue gold and let yourself be tempted by the latest projects of an internationally active company that deals with exactly the topic of water purification and wastewater treatment.


Content and details
of the event

  • Presentation of the company
  • Information on the latest developments in the commodities and water sector
  • Direct exchange and Q&A session with CEOs and founders
  • Exciting networking with existing investors and new interested parties
  • Participation is free of charge