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In times of increasing environmental pollution, devastating natural
disasters and rising global warming, politics, economy and research are
desperately looking for solutions to improve the current situation.

CO2, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emissions attract equally
attention of automotive manufacturers, politicians and consumers.
Justifiably, because today about 25% of the exhaust emissions result
from the transport of people and goods. Forecasts of the IPCC are even
expecting that by 2050 such amounts will be doubled. The current
discussions surrounding the diesel scandal and the lack of meaningful
mobility alternatives show that urgent action is needed. We have 1.4 billion existing engines worldwide in alternators, machines, and trucks, but not every country can afford the infrastructure for new technologies that we currently offer, and what do we do with our existing engines?

Content and details
of the event

  • Presentation of the company
  • Information on the latest developments in the sustainable and automotive sectors
  • Direct exchange and Q&A session with CEOs and founders
  • Exciting networking with existing investors and new interested parties
  • Participation is free of charge